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Kava Helping Australia To Relax

Kava bars are becoming very popular in the USA,  indicating that the word about kava’s relaxing and medicinal qualities is spreading.

However, when will this positive plant make its way to mainstream Australia? Kava and Australia are no strangers. The root has been had widespread use in indigenous Australian communities for many years, often as a substitute for alcohol. Fortunately, there is little doubt that attitudes towards kava are changing and it is becoming more recognized.

Kava bars opening their doors

Previously in news years ago, the idea of Kava being a feature of the Australian ‘bar scene’ was introduced but did not quite take off and we find this very interesting. Of course, Australia is known as a bar-loving country, but strictly the alcohol variety. Aussies love their beer!

Kava bars are already a feature of the beach communities in the U.S. and more are opening in major urban centres there. And yet, in Australia they are still somewhat a rarity.

Kava bars generally serve only kava and are completely alcohol-free – meaning that there are no hangovers to contend with the next day and the mental clarity of customers is not impaired. The atmosphere, like the beverage, is best described as ‘relaxed’. Compare that with a Friday night in a typical bar in urban Australia!

Kava: available in some parts of Australia

Kava has been available in Australia as a supplement sold in health stores for some time. However, only in some areas. It was banned in the Northern Territory, where there have been problems when combined with alcohol. Kava tends to heighten the effects of alcohol and the two should never be taken together.

However, when kava is taken on its own and in its purest form, it is renowned as a natural treatment for anxiety. Many Australians are still unaware that there is a natural and scientifically proven remedy to soothe and calm nerves.

Stress is a common health problem in Australia, as it is in most urbanised populations around the world, so spreading the word about kava should be a big help for many anxiety sufferers around the country.

You should feel quite confident in kava’s general safety, as the Australian Government lists this humble plant on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG).

Please note that in the states where kava is legal, there are usage and importation restrictions.

About Fiji Kava

Fiji Kava’s breakthrough key ingredient – Kavalactones – This is from the Piper Methysticum Plant naturally grown in the Pacific Islands. Through our Plant and food Research, Plus science and technology we have found specific varieties that are chemotyped to target Anxiety, & Stress.

We guarantee Fiji Kava is planted, produced, processed, and packaged by us 100% Farm to Shelf fresh from our Fiji Islands.




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