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How Kava Can Help Calm and Soothe the Nerves

The feeling of being over whelmed, with tension rising in your chest, can hit you at any moment of the day. Late for a meeting at work? Nervous at social events? Or having so much on that your whole day is a roller coaster of tense nerves? This is where Fiji Kava can help.

Speak to a Pacific islander about your rising nerves and they will probably ask you what that is! Life on the islands of Fiji, for example, is a lot slower and less “cluttered” than the modern city life, that many of us have become accustomed to.

Fijians have cultivated a ‘kava culture’ which is very much alive and part of their everyday life. Just as many westerners drink their coffee and tea socially, Fijians drink kava and they benefit from the relaxing and therapeutic effects it has.

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In modern world, the medicinal benefits of kava are becoming widely recognised as a natural solution to increase mind and body relaxation as well as calm and sooth the nerves.

From our 13 years of medicinal kava research, Fiji Kava has discovered a specific level (%) of kavalactones in the root of the plant which only a select variety possess. From this possessing, we have derived chemotype profiles which are desirable for inducing sleep, supporting muscle relaxation as well as calming and soothing the nerves. Only this kind of kava is used by Fiji Kava.

Just as important to the selection of kava, based on kavalactones percentage concentration and chemotype profiles, is how the kavalactones are extracted from the root of the plant. Our stringent 100% water extraction method is done without the addition of any artificial chemicals or contaminants – guaranteeing an additive free product. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Other Benefits of Kava

Kava is traditionally used in Pacific Islander medicine to promote sleep

Kava is traditionally used in Pacific Islander medicine to soothe and calm nerves

Kava is traditionally used in Pacific Islander medicine to promote body relaxation

Kava is traditionally used in Pacific Islander medicine to relax the mind

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